Neck pain and neck



Parts of the neck are the most spine movement are carrying 15% of body weight, but they have less protection than other parts of the spine to give us a greater range of motion.

Because it is not protected as the thoracic spine involvement installed, so they are more vulnerable to pain and injury.

The question that always hesitate to why we suffer from neck pain after sleeping in the morning calm?.


The reason was mainly due to wrong habits such as sleeping on the belly or sleep on a pillow does not retain the natural curvature of the neck in good shape, or sleep on a set of cushions high.

And lead all of these errors to make the neck at a balanced are forced neck muscles to work during the night to install and prevent the non-equilibrium paragraphs .. also during the night than the water content of cartilage as a result of absorbed fluid around it with a weak gravity in the development of sleep, which could lead to a sense of some of the stiffness In the morning,

So be careful and not do what strain the spine Once you do sleep.

It is necessary to be put to sleep and the pillow and bedding (ranked) will be able to maintain the correct position of the neck and spine during sleep.


Causes of neck pain:


Overall, the neck pain caused by constant stress of the neck and continued to sit wrong for long hours on the desk or computer or drive a car.

Neck pain may be caused by roughness of the cervical spine and occur as a result of natural roughness with age after the session and carry heavy objects with certain sports such as horseback riding.


But what the patient feels pain and neck pain?


Feel pain and neck stiffness and stiffness to flex its muscles may increase these symptoms with the work term in the sitting position or standing, have heard the patient voice of friction with the movement of the neck, may also feel a headache, dizziness, and with the pressure on the nerve roots paragraphs cervical patient may feel tingling or pain or weakness in the muscles of the arms, hands and fingers Wei severe conditions in the legs.


Medical neck: -


In some cases the patient may be forced to use medical neck for some time to hinder the movement and support and reduce pressure on the nerve roots and raise, but must be borne in mind that prolonged use of medical neck can weaken muscles.


In cases of pain, acute and shrinking the muscles of the neck can be the work of the neck of a medical home by hand by rolling a piece of cardboard is cylindrical on the neck, wrapped in a towel and paste the parties with adhesive tape or by wrapping a group of newspapers along the neck and wrapped around a cylindrical and paste them with adhesive tape , and Ted this method when there is contraction causes pain opposed awesome with all the simple movement of the neck.


Important Tips for patients with neck pain:


- Avoid to continue in the sitting position for a long time, especially sitting and you are forced to install the development of the neck in one direction, such as reading or writing or watching television, and, if necessary, the P cleared and rest every 15 minutes at least, and do some light exercise.


- Keep your head straight while sitting, and it must be the length of the office or the table you are working on appropriate so as to prevent bending the neck, and it must be the office near you.


- Can put a small wooden base oblique to the office to help to read or write without bending the neck so that you read in the level of consideration.


- The optimal situation to work on the computer is put the screen so that its position in the level of the nose of the person sitting before them, and put the keyboard (keyboard) so that the shoulders in a moderate and is pulled up to the top, and the elbow praising degree 90 (any place), and the wrist relaxed in a 30 degrees.


- The normal position of the head is to be alignment with one spine in the sense that when you look at the people side of the ear on one line with the shoulder, and the more movement of the neck to the front of this situation has increased the pressure on the vertebrae and muscles of the neck, every movement of the head forward by ( 2.5 cm) means increased pressure on the neck read the bottom by the weight of the head and so on, so it must be maintained on the head in an upright position always.


- Avoiding the development or mobile phone (mobile or mobile) between the shoulder and head, because the jungle leads to overload on the tissues of the neck and vertebrae.


- Avoid exposing the neck of the air currents, and try Avoiding sudden changes like moving to the atmosphere of hot air to cold air conditioning.


- You can use a pillow under your arms, so based on the arms from the armpits to the elbows during the reading to ensure that the book in the eye level without bending the neck and to reduce the overload on the vertebrae and tissues of the neck and shoulders, which will carry the bag for you the weight of the arms and the book, and can use this method during the operation of knitting or knitting.


- Sitting on a chair with the Office of a long neck and a short put back in the development of a sinner.


- Avoid reading or watching TV and you are lying on the bed, where the neck in most situations in a bad situation.


- When suffering from a heart contraction and pain of muscles neck and shoulders, can be an act of worship, hot water and beneath a towel light on the muscles of the neck and shoulders for 20 minutes, or exposing the muscles of the neck and shoulders to the stream of hot water from the shower, but Avoiding exposure to air currents soon after.


- Avoid sleeping while sitting or while riding a car or bus.


- Neck pain on the patient to avoid heavy lifting or push or pull heavy objects particularly strongly, and therefore avoid situations that forced them to lift his head up for a long time as I paint the ceiling or meditation in the sky.


- Avoiding the use of bifocal glasses (ie, view and read together) to read from the computer screen.


- That the amount of pressure within the cartilage neck less during sleep and while sitting with a moderate of the neck and increases with the curvature of the neck and more than most of the return of the neck to the left and then you should avoid these two modes (bending and return the head backward) as much as possible to avoid the pressure, and then the pain and muscle contraction.


- Try to sleep with your head and keep your neck in an upright position so they are not pillows too high or too low and whether you sleep on your side or on your back.


- Avoid the use of a pillow is very small, solid or of the type that compress easily so as to be useless, and must be the pillow is a solid, which takes the form of your head, but at the same time still fills the void between the bed and between your neck and when you sleep on your side, and if your shoulder broad Use a pillow on high so that it fills the void, and if your shoulder is broad Use a pillow on a smaller, what governs the size of the pad is to make this pillow the spine of the neck straight with the rest of the spine, and it should be noted that the pillow is not placed under the shoulders, but between your neck and your shoulder.


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